We are proud to enjoy our games like our players do

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Every day we come across routine tasks and challenges, but the creativity of our members not only helps in inventing fantastic worlds but in more grounded issues.


We love what we do. And this adore directs our minds, thoughts, and powers to create incredible worlds and refine them day by day.


Our style in team building is based on the dedicated teams where teammates can always rely on each other and communicate freely. So we absolutely open to companionship.


ENIXAN LIMITED is part of the ENIXAN ® group of companies.
Our creative team has extensive experience in development game characters and fascinating stories. As of today, are registered author’s rights for 21 games. Many years of experience in creating mobile and social games allow to evolve us and develop new projects in different genres. We work to delight our audience with interesting projects and amazing graphics.

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Villa Malitah, Mediterranean Street, The Village, St. Julians STJ 1870, Malta