Online Free to Play shooting game. Each player is participant of brutal show. Heroes should fight for the best score in Arena to stay for the next round. It is not about surviving but show goes first.

Brand new world

Enjoy City - place, where located the most popular show of Moon & Earth system. Try to survive in the frozen-in-time city, with own history and atmosphere. Explore new breathtaking locations in Retrowave design and be fascinated by cyberpunk technologies of the future.

Be better!

Choose your own character, which are most suitable to your gameplay preferences. Fly like a bird, sneak like assassin, shoot like hitman or combine all of this on “Apocalyptico Arena” and destroy your enemies. Use special features of your character to be victorious. 

Be winner!

More than 40 new weapons and modern equipment is waiting for you. Feel the power of any of them on new “Knock out” mode, where you should have the most luck and trickiest player. Create your own gameplay style on Arena.

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Human. Human never changes. Its own indifference provided to Climate crisis disaster... Earth became a wasteland. The best of the human race flew to the Moon. The other people stayed at Earth and they tried to survive on the fragments of humankind. People didn't want to surrender, they use all the power of science to protect the Earth from radiation from space, and it’s began the new wave of life. Nevertheless, was it life like before?
Meanwhile, life on the Moon became comfortable and easier. Humankind divided now. “Media Moon broadcast” create a new show that will entertain all people of Moon & Earth system - “Apocalyptico Arena”.
The most brave adventurers and people who are looking for a better life were attracted by easy money and fame.
The rule of the show is quite simple - stay alive!